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Every piece of plastic ever made, still exists today.


No Mas Plastik is a socially responsible business dedicated to improving the problem of plastic contamination in the world. As a business, we sell compostable alternatives to plastics, made from renewable resources such as cornstarch and sugarcane. Our Viva Verde products are certified compostable and replace petroleum based disposable ‘to-go’ containers such as Styrofoam, cups, plasticware etc. We believe in moving away completely from petroleum based products and promoting renewable resources.

Our educational campaigns are dedicated to offering solutions to the current problems of plastic use and waste. We work with local groups, communities and businesses to initiate campaigns such as Sin Popote, Sin Bolsa, Proyecto Refill and Los Ecoladrillos to find creative ways to reduce the amount of waste we are creating in the first place and move toward a circular economy.

Bioplastic Products

Making a difference

We have formed a community of awareness by means of education, social events and support from local businesses who have taken the initiative to stop the use of single-use plastic. Here are our most active No Mas Plastik campaigns. Click on any to find out more!

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“It is, surely, our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”
- Sir David Attenborough (broadcaster and natural historian)
Bioplastic products
Bioplastic Products : Compostable Products

Replacing the need for single-use plastic

Conventional plastics are made from petroleum and added chemicals to create a desired flexibility and durability for different uses. Luckily we have found that many plants can be used to create similar polymers. The technology is advancing everyday and it is so exciting to see that almost any plant fibers can be used to make bioplastics. However, a lot of greenwashing has gone on, so let's clarify the labels used in the industry.

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