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Project Refill

We use over a million plastic bottles a day in the world! This must stop.

We are launching a campaign to work with the local community and business owners to reduce our use of plastic water bottles. We use over a million plastic bottles a day in the world! This is all completely avoidable. Water in a plastic bottle is a recent phenomenon! We can return to using reusable water bottles and say goodbye to single use plastic.

Many developing countries do not have drinking fountains and refill stations. If you are thirsty, the only option is to buy a new plastic water bottle. We are asking local businesses to offer refill stations with purified water as another way for people to purchase water. We do not want to affect the sale of water for local businesses so this is a perfect Win –Win situation. We are hoping that stores and other local businesses will offer this option so we can immediately start reducing our plastic water bottle use. Buy one of our awesome thermos’ here and part of the proceeds go to keep Proyecto Refill spreading to many communities.

The best part is we have partnered with the app TAP - Find Water Anywhere, a global map where people can find the closest refill station.

When you sign up to be a Refill station we will register your business on the app Tap where you are given the opportunity to describe your services and attract clients to your business. This will bring more traffic to your location and people will love that you are supporting this community project to reduce trash - Find out how to sign up here

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