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The building foundations of our future.

We have a trash problem in the world but especially in Mexico. There is a lack of infrastructure in many places leading to an apathetic population that is used to being surrounded by trash. In many places the trash that is picked up by local entities is hauled away and just dumped in a place in the jungle or forest or bu the side of the road. Often times it is just burned in local communities. When plastic is burned dangerous chemicals get released into the air we breath. If it is not burned, it usually is grabbed up by the passing wind ending up in the jungle, on the street, on the beach or in the cenotes or oceans! There it breaks down into smaller plastic pieces. Micro pieces…that stay in the environment for a very very long time. In fact every piece of plastic made ever still exists today. Imagine that! Your childhood toys exist as microplastics in the environment to this day.

How can we stop this mess? Well, we have come up with a temporary solution of containment in plastic bottles that can be filled so tightly and compactly with months of trash that they become perfect building blocks for garden walls and construction projects. Each person can be responsible for managing their own trash until we find a good way to convert it… possibly back into energy.

There are so many options when it comes to Eco – construccion…but sometimes I get very overwhelmed when doing a household project or seeing a new building project. I wonder why aren’t we building better? What is the most ecologically friendly way to build? It seems like building houses and projects all have their negative points that sometimes I don’t want to do anything. Can we evaluate and make our foot print the lightest possible so we can feel good about being creative and building? This is the question we want to answer with the Expo Eco Construccion. We are inviting all sectors involved in wanting to feel better about building to bring new technologies, concepts and ideas to share so we can enjoy this planet in a more respectful way.

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