No Mas Plastik

Embrace the good

Recycling with the next generation

This campaign is all about embracing the Good. How? Well we are selling adorable bracelets made with all natural hemp and wood. A portion of the profits go towards buying recyclable plastic collected from students in our participating environmental education program. The money is used in creative ways to reduce plastic use in the school. Everyone wins! People can feel good donating to an amazing cause when purchasing this powerful bracelet. This bracelet gives back in so Many ways.

  • It is made from 100% natural hemp string and recycled wood chips. No trees are cut and no plastic used
  • The bracelets are made by Colors x Good which promote women empowerment in the community and give back to their workers. Please look at all the Good they are doing.
  • A portion of the proceeds buys 5 kilos of plastic at 12 pesos per kilo from Tulum Recycles (link), a program run by volunteers that offers a recycling pick-up service.
  • Tulum Recycles uses the money from the sale of plastic to finance its route and programs that promote Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.
  • We are raising the bar for Plastic. We want to create a higher value for recycling plastic and what better way to do that than promote a program that buys plastic at a higher rate.

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